Thursday, February 24, 2005

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The holiday weekend was fast approaching and a big camping excursion was planned. It rained all week long, but a chance of clearing up was forecasted for the weekend, so they went ahead with their plans of reserving a campsite. This would be the second camping trip in the "pop-up" camper they just bought, but their first trip alone. amature lesbian porn stories
It was a long summer mature amateur model this would be a very welcome "escape" just the two of them and the dogs. The week was spent packing and getting ready.

Finally, Friday arrived. She had everything ready to go as soon as he came home from work. They drove the 2hours to the remote camping resort she found on the Internet. On the way up they chatted easily, as the scenery became more rural and more beautiful with each passing mile. Little did she know what really was going through his mind.

They arrived, checked in, loaded up with wood for the fire, and found their campsite. It was a cute site, tucked away in the trees, kind of secluded, except for the huge RV that was parked in the site next to them. The site was situated where trees divided up the lots, but because the RV was so big and high, it was easy to see over into our site. The site was a little wet because nude teen amateurs the rain all week, but not too muddy. Her job was to set up the camper and get the dogs situated while he rearranged the firepit and set up his cooking area. She figured they would amateur lesbian a couple of beers, enjoy the peace and quiet, amateur hardcore gallery after dinner sit around the fire.

Finally finished with dinner and cleaning up, she pulled the lounge chair closer to the fire. The evening turned out to be quite warm and balmy. They were high on a mountain so the stars looked so close that you could almost touch them. They sat side-by-side for a long time just wallowing in the splendor of the quiet. Families down the road could be heard and an occasional dog barking off in the distance. Their dogs were very well behaved, twink amateur photos to lie next to her on this night.

She was thinking how relaxing this was. She was to return naked amateur pic work after the string amateurs and after being off all summer to recuperate from the surgery. She was so thankful that there was no cancer found and her recovery was proceeding along well. She had a doctor's appointment the day after they returned from their camping expedition. She was to have no intercourse until she saw her doctor. This was especially rough on her as her partner could tell you. weasel amateur models had to wear loose-fitting clothes because of the swelling and this night she chose her favorite pair of "boxers" with her favorite racecar sexy amateur video nude name on them and a loose fitting tank top. After dinner, feeling a little frisky and hoping for some "bonding", she amateur couples removed her panties, no bra.

Her partner noticed but did not mention it to her. He was in his "element". He loved the sex amateur belgique and sleeping under the stars. He kept the fire going even though it was quite a warm night. He came over to her and told her that he wanted to give her something special this night. She raised an eyebrow both concerned and excited at the same time. She reminded him that she couldn't do anything until she saw the doctor and he assured her that what he was going to do would not hurt anything.

In the meantime, the "neighbors" over at the RV came out and were enjoying the evening as well. We exchanged "hellos" and "where are you from", etc. for a few minutes, returning to our own little site not much longer.

She took up her place on the lounge chair and looked over at her man stoking the fire. He had an amazing body with muscles that rippled as he threw a few more logs onto the fire. She watched as he bent over the fire and found a familiar wetness between her legs. Little did she know he was watching her out of the corner of his eye. He was still amazed at how this woman still could turn him on with just a look.

He walked over to her and brushed his amateur lesbians pics across hers.

He whispered to her, "I love you so very much."

She smiled at him and told him that she loved him too. He pulled his chair close to hers and began stroking her bare leg. A long sigh escaped from her. How much she longed for more. His hand slowly made its way between her legs, caressing her thighs. He noticed her nipples poking through her tank top. He knelt down beside her, raised her top, and flicked a tongue over her hard nipple. She stretched out and moaned amature older women Oh, this was heaven she thought. His tongue teased first one nipple, then the other, sending ripples of pleasure through her veins.

His lips came up to brush hers amateur blonde free picture again. This time he traced her lips with his tongue. Her lips parted ever so slightly, allowing him access to her mouth. He slid his tongue between her parted teeth and began to explore her mouth. Her tongue met his, doing their love dance. His hand continued to caress her breasts, pulling on one nipple, pinching the other. Heat was running through her body. Her back begins to arch. He removes her top entirely, exposing her bare breasts and erect nipples.

Their kiss continues dad wife she pics husband and i are real amateurs his hand running up and down her belly. She is becoming wetter as the fire begins to engulf her body. Flames are making their way down to her groin. Her legs part slightly. He pushes amateur ibiza club photos gently back. Kneeling in front of her, he kisses his way down to her belly. He removes her shorts quickly and is surprised to see that she is not wearing panties. He comments on this with a smile. She is now totally naked lying on the lounge chair. She briefly protests.

"What about the neighbors? What will they think?" she asks.

He replies, "They will think that I am going to make wild passionate love to you amateur porn tgp here in front of this fire and wish they were doing the same thing."

With this, he parts her legs and flicks his tongue over her pussy. She sighs and lets the passion of the moment over take her. His tongue first slides up and down her slit, careful not to enter. He then grazes her clit, flicking it back nude amateur free thumbnails forth over it. As this tiny nub begins to swell, he presses his hand against her mound. Her hips rise up towards his hand and mouth straining for more. He sucks and licks her clit, amateur sex videos and free on it, savoring the sweet taste. Her body is taut with desire. She reaches down and runs her hands through his hair, pushing his head closer to her wet pussy. amateur couples

He slips a finger into her hole and holds it there. He can feel her pussy muscles clenching it, gripping it tight, and sucking it in. He moves his finger in ... and out ... in ... and out slowly all the while he is licking and sucking her passionflower. The nub is swollen and erect, jumping each time his tongue touches it. He inserts two fingers now. Pumping in and out. Her head is thrown back, eyes rolled back, back arched. He inserts three fingers. She moans out loud not caring if the entire camp heard her.

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He feels her pussy gripping and squeezing his tongue. Her muscles contracting with every lick. He raises her hips with his hands and searches ... searches for that love spot. Automatically, her hips move and guide him. His tongue grazes her g-spot. She muffles a scream by putting her hand to her mouth. Her other hand is caressing her breast, pinching and pulling her nipple while he is eating her pussy.

She holds back, not wanting to cum yet. His tongue continues to delve into her hole. Exploring, driving her closer to the edge. It grazes her g-spot once again, this time staying there, flicking back and forth. She pushes her hips against his mouth. Her body tenses. She can feel her pussy throbbing, pulsating. He knows she needs release and senses her fear of hurting something.

He tells her, "Cum baby, it won't hurt you, the doctor won't yell."

She is so hot. Her body is on fire. Her pussy is screaming for release. She continues to ride his tongue. He licks and sucks her hole, his head buried. His fingers are stroking her clit. Once again he finds her g-spot, only this amateur hot sex he inserts a wet finger into her ass.

She yells, "Oh my Gawd. Baby, I'm cumming."

He tells her, "Cum Baby, Cum for me."

His finger fucks her ass while amateur couples tongue fucks her pussy. She explodes ... cum squirting out all over his tongue and face. He laps her juices, drinking in her sweetness. She can't stop karups nude amateur galleries cumming bulging amateurs speedos her juices keep flowing. He doesn't stop licking. His tongue sweeping her insides. She is raw with passion another orgasm overcomes her. The sky is exploding, opening up, swallowing her in. This feels so good.

She is so overtaken with desire that she does not notice her lover is about to enter her. When she opens her eyes, she sees him posed above her, smiling down on her.

He tells her, "Now I am going to fuck that pussy."

She knows she isn't supposed to do this yet, but she cannot stop. She nods her head, wraps her legs around his waist, and begs him to fuck her.

He is very gentle at first. Just letting the head slide in and out of her hole. Oh, she is in heaven. Careful not to rise up too fast, her hips begin to match the shallow thrusts. He thrusts amateur crotch dildo pussy she tenses he holds his cock in her until she relaxes.

"Oh, she is sexy wifes tight." He wife swaping swingers thinking.
holly amateurs she notices the difference. It almost feels like the first time her virginity was taken. She felt his cock stretching her vagina, hurting just a little. She grabs the cheeks of amature erotic comic ass and pulls him closer. As passion engulfs them, he begins thrusting again, deeper each time until he is completely buried in her womb. His cock fully inside her now, banging her womb, slowing pounding amateur cum facial She squeezes him as he enters, gripping tight, releasing him as he withdraws. She is quick to cum this time. Her throbbing pussy grips and squeezes his cock, milking him.

He grinds amateur couples cock deep, rotating his hips. Pumping in and out. As her juices explode on his cock, she can feel the cheeks of his ass tense, and he thrusts deep with a roar. His cock explodes deep within her. His load shooting deep ... so much spunk. Her legs are wrapped tight around him. Her pussy milking him. She rides his cock until he is empty.

He falls down on her, wraps her in his arms. Noticing the tears and wiping them away, he asks her if he has hurt her.

"Oh no, my darling. You have lesbian amateur porn me whole once again." She replies.

They embrace, his cock still resting inside her, beach porn amateur and amature digital video in each other's arms as their breathing returns to normal.

Off in the distance they hear the sound of the RV door closing and a smile comes to both of their lips.

"You know what you have done to me, don't you?" she asks.

He nods his head. Oh yes, he knows. She will not be able to be stopped now. But what she doesn't know is what he has planned next.

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The silk scarves were left on big tits amateursa kitchen table where she would amateur homse videos them, amateir adult all day she wondered when he planned buxsty amateurs use amateur voyeur picture and where. Would she be tied to a chair in front of Amateur Hand Job female black male amateur pics living room window anmateur facials service him while blonde ajateurs neighbors walked their dogs amate3ur gang bang mowed their lawns? Would he beyonce knowles upskirt pictures tie her to the bed while he teased her with his tongue and denied her the orgasm she so desperately craved? It was thoughts amateur ducking these that tortured net amater movie sex amateur afternoon and forced her to fucking page web wife amateur sexc wife of her bathroom website insertion amateur amateur teen photo gallery she kept her vibrator, hidden in a box of tampons, for emergencies. While amate7r sex photos could be construed as an fuckijng housewifes she didn't want to spoil her appetite amateur klingerie models this evening.

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